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Welcome to SAGA

Annual Patron Sponsors

“The most important shot in golf is the next one.” – Ben Hogan

SAGA Tour 2018 – Leaderboard

T1Sanjeev Sarna13.3112
T2Vinay Bahuguna15106
T2Aman Ahuja14106
T3Rajat Beri9.9104
T3Mahesh Yadav16.4104
T3Rishi Bunsee21.6104
T4Rehan Yadav16.7103
T5Badreenarayan Krishnamoorthy18.5102
T5Rajesh Saggi14.7102
T6Deep Thapliyal13.6101
T7Romil Bhagat12100
T8Chirag Batki18.199
T9Avinash Rawoot7.996
T10Vamshi Vaddiraja10.195
T10Santosh Hanumaiah10.695
T11Rajesh Arora11.293
T12Uday Patel15.692
T13Richard Bhojani18.890
T14Joe Kapoor13.989
T14Roshan Seth4.389
T15Aqil Ahsan1388
T15Mahesh Patel24.488
T16Madhu Kumar13.687
T17Sanjay Seth15.484
T18Paresh Sangani18.881
T19Sachin Mally17.178
T20Shyam Jagirdar1472
T21Ramkumar Ganesan14.270
T21Cyrus Davierwalla16.370
T21Rajiv Walia22.370
T22Tushar Patil1269
T23Shanu Agarwal19.667
T24Anil Sabharwal6.366
T25Hemant Mehta25.665
T26Sandesh Shetty15.664
T26Paresh Desai2064
T26Ankit Patel25.364
T27Maulik Shah23.149
T28Shodhan Patel22.648
T29Vikram Vazirani11.147
T30Vikas Agarwal25.934
T31Suchit Bachalli15.533
T31Mahul Balar4.933
T32Hari Srinivas14.432
T33Manoj Sharma24
T34Nikhil Agharkar16.420
T34Prakash Amin19.520
T35Sujeet Lakha15.818

Upcoming Events

SAGA Monthly Round – August 26

August 26 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm


SAGA Open 2018

September 29 @ 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm

About SAGA

SAGA was formed with a vision of creating a Global organization, which will bring the South Asian Golfers together from across the world. The mission is to promote Golf as a sport in the South Asian community.

Golf has become a mainstream sport for individuals of all ages & physical abilities. We intend to provide an opportunity for those who have always wanted to play but did not know where to go and how to start. We will provide training session for beginners & regular Golf outings for all.

Why Join?

Membership Benefits include

– Year round golf clinics/training sessions for all levels
– Monthly golf outings during the season (April – October)
– Annual SAGA open event
– Organized golf trips/vacations
– Participate in tournaments, charity golf outings, and more!
– Discounts on merchandise through select golf shops
– Discounts on driving range at select golf centers
– Summer picnics
– Annual Party
– Tremendous networking and socializing opportunity with affluent South Asian individuals
– Events for the whole family such as Pitch & Putt, Miniature Golf, etc.

Our Partners

To learn more about sponsorships and how to become a sponsor for an event, click here.

What our members say

My game has improved vastly since joining, and always filled with entertainment!

Billy Boi

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Jane Appleseed

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